The best and simplest application to control your Shimano Steps motor

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Take control of your motor

With Etuning you can control absolutely all the parameters of your motor. From now on, you will feel that you have several different bikes on the same bike.

Assistance settings

Configure the values ​​of the eco, trail and boost modes without limits.

Wheel circumference

Modifying the circumference of the wheel to the minimum, assistance cuts up to 60 km/h (Keep in mind that you can only use the bike in this way in private areas)


Modifying the region to the USA, the assistance stops at 32 km / h and also the speedometer shows the correct speed (For legal reasons, you can only do it when you are in the US or in a private area)

Compatible with the following Shimano Steps motors

If your firmware is marked with (*), not all functionalities will be available. You need to downgrade the firmware. It is a relatively simple process that takes about 10 minutes and you only need a PC and your mobile.

ANDROID Downgrade instructions IPHONE Downgrade instructions