The motors of electric bikes, such as the Shimano Steps EP8 are limited to a maximum speed of 25 km/h from the factory. This speed may be enough, but some people may find it very frustrating because from 25 km/h they have to make a gigantic effort to follow their teammates since the assistance is cut off or simply because they want to go faster.

Derestric Shimano EP8

The cheapest and easiest way to de-limit the EP8 motor is by using the eTuning app. Only for a price of just about 20€ you can remove the 25 km/h limit in minutes. You only need an Android phone or iPhone and connect by bluetooth to the bike. In this web page you can download the app.

The effective way to remove the limit is to put the motor region in the US. In the United States the speed limit is 32 km/h. For most people it is more than enough speed.

If you need more speed than 32 km/h you need to modify the wheel diameter. If you modify the wheel diameter to a small one, you can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h, but in addition to being dangerous, the kilometer counter and the speedometer also stop working, so it is recomendable to modify only the region.

Firmware compatibility

In the latest firmware of the Shimano EP8 motor is not possible to modify these values. The last firmware that can make these changes is 4.0.2. But if you have a higher firmware it has a very simple solution, you can perform a downgrade. You only need a PC and your mobile.

These are instructions to perform a downgrade:

Intructions for Android

Instructions for iPhone

After modifying the values ​​if you want you can update to the latest firmware again, because the modified values ​​are not lost.


In most countries it is not allowed to use bikes in public spaces with assistance above 25 km / h. In this way ebikes can only be used in private spaces. The recommendation is that as soon as you leave the private areas you put the assistance limited to 25 km/ h again with the eTuning application. It is as simple as open the app and pressing a button.