How long does it take from when I pay the license until it is activated?

Once you make the payment, it is automatically activated instantly.

How much does the license cost?

There are two licenses, the basic one that allows you to modify basic parameters, this one costs around 1€. The full license allows you to modify all the parameters, it costs 20€ + VAT.

How do I buy the license?

Download the app and make the payment within the app.

If I buy the license will I have it forever?

Yes, each license is linked to each motor. You will have the license forever automatically even if you lose your phone or uninstall app.

By purchasing the full license, can my bike go faster than 25 km/h?

Yes. You can change the region to the US to have a speed limit of 32 km/h. If you do not mind that the speedometer malfunctions you can change the wheel diameter and achieve speeds of up to 60 km/h.

Does the app work on all motors?

Works on the following shimano motors: EP8, EP8-RS E8000, E7000,E6100 and E5000

Does the app work on all firmwares?

The app can be connected and use some functionalities in all firmwares. But the de-limiting functionalities do not work on all firmwares, you can check the supported firmwares on the home screen. If you have a firmware that is not supported you can do a firmware downgrade. It is a relatively simple process that you can do only with your mobile and a PC.

If I update the firmware, do I lose the saved configuration?

No, if for example you change the region of your bike and then update to the latest firmware, the region does not reset..

App features


It is possible to change the region to the US to have a speed limit of 32 km / h. It is the configuration that the bikes sold in the US have by default. Changing this parameter is the best way to delimit the 25 km/h speed limit.

Wheel circumference

By modifying the wheel circumference to 1300 mm, speeds of up to 60 km / h can be reached. But in addition to the fact that it can be dangerous for the cyclist, the speedometer and the odometer stop working properly.


In this screen you can freely modify the cutting speed of each mode. Only works on e8000 motor and 4.3.2 firmware


In the assistance, the values ​​of each mode can be modified with much more freedom than eTube. Both the assistance (%), torque (NM), and the maximum power peak (W) can be adjusted in detail.

Assistance: How much pedaling force of the user multiplies the motor.

Torquee: Maximum torque that the motor can supply in maximum assistance.

Power: Peak of maximum power that the motor can supply for a few moments.

This setting is not available for EP8 motors, for EP8 motors you must use E-Tube to set these parameters. In the EP8 and E-tube, these parameters can be freely modified.


In these settings you can switch between manual and electronic gearbox. The number of teeth on the chainring and transmission can also be adjusted. Setting the wrong settings can cause the assistance to not work and the error 010 appears. To fix this, you have to reset the initial settings.


In the light section you can turn on and off the bike light or the USB port. You can also modify the reserve time, this parameter affects the battery. The reserve time is the minutes that remain of the light reserve when the battery for assistance is exhausted.

Set zero to maximize the battery charge available for assistance.

Motor angle

It is the angle that the motor is mounted with respect to the ground. On some bikes, modifying this angle can increase walk mode. Generally modifying this parameter does not affect anything.


In the information section you can find in addition to other data the status of the battery. In this way you can check when the battery has lost its effectiveness and it is necessary to replace it.